ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015

Visiting the History – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Since the 50th anniversary celebration 2015 in Berlin the exhibition MOVEMENTS give people the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on the history and future of theatre for young audiences.
To experience the entire presentation of the international posters you could have climbed the steps to the galleries of the Umweltforum and have a look down at the other pictures framed by the cords. For a closer look all posters are displayed in the foyer in a video loop – and now on the Web.
To combine the historical with the current discourse you could have heard statements of the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015 during special periods at the GRIPS Hansaplatz. For those who couldn't stop by the audio-clips are also presented on this website (below).
For further reading we recommend the well known publication, which covers the development of the organisation from 1991 until 2005:
Nat Eek: History of ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatres for Children and Youth); Vol. I Discovering a New Audience for Theatre (1964-1975) und Vol. II Expanding the New Audience for Theatre (1976-1990) with Ann M. Shaw und Katherine Krzys, Vol. III Maintaining the New Audience for Theatre (1991-2005) with Kim Peter Kovac and Katherine Krzys. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press 2008-2014. 344, 378, 438 p.
And the recent editions of the yearly MAGAZINE (2011-2015) are handy on the website of ASSITEJ.
Last but not least the ASSITEJ International Archives in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) will help with any questions touching the productions and discourse of ASSITEJ.

Festival Opening.
Statement by Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ, ASSITEJ South Africa
Augenblick mal! The Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences - 21.04.15 in Berlin, Theater an der Parkaue

What is this which I see before me? Some remarks on the perception of performances.
Key note by Prof. Dr. Christoph Lutz Scheurle
International Artistic Encounter I: Creating Relevance - 22.04.15 in Berlin, Umweltforum

Where we come from.
Statement by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, Honorary President of ASSITEJ, Chair of ASSITEJ Germany
50 Years of ASSITEJ. The Ceremony - 22.04.15 in Berlin, Umweltforum

Welcome. Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ, ASSITEJ South Africa
50 Years of ASSITEJ. The Ceremony - 22.04.15 in Berlin, Umweltforum

Interactive dramaturgies in performing arts for children.
Key note by Dr. Lisa Nagel
International Artistic Encounter III: Talk to me, I'll be your audience - 25.04.15 in Berlin, Umweltforum

Résumé by Members of ASSITEJ Executive Committee.
Statement by Asaya Fujita
International Artistic Encounter  IV: Cooperation makes it happen - 26.04.15 in Berlin, Umweltforum