2.1968 - The Hague - The Netherlands

The Portrayal of Present Day Problems in Children's Theatre

A new theatre for a new public
by Erik Vos

"(…) I think that at this moment the relation between our generation and the young generation is almost to the breaking point and that we shall have to quickly develop an understanding of their life. (…) We should not give our young audiences the result of our thinking, but we should confront them with the process of thinking. We should not offer them a thing which is finished, for they should assist at our rehearsal (actually the performance). Our performance should never be a performance as an end. We are always in danger of narrowing ourselves down to a performance, a finished product. I think the audience should always have the feeling that they participate at a rehearsal of thought and emotion. (…)
I think we should use all forms of theatre on the stage, sounds, movements, all sorts of materials, colours, and forms. We can use historical things, not to play them as historical truth, for I don't think there is any truth, and certainly not a historical truth because we continuously change our historical truths. I think we should try to develop sense of understanding and participation of the young generation in our lack of knowledge. We must develop their sense of relativity so that they know there are many truths."
(association international du théâtre pour l'enfance et la jeunesse: The second international Congress of ASSITEJ. Report, 7-8 and 11)

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