4.1972 - Montreal / Quebec & Albany / N.Y. – Canada & USA

What is Creative Dramatics?

The Creative Drama Day

"Unfortunately, the Creative Drama Day was not attended by a number of delegates from the European countries who were only interested in professional theatre 'for' children. One of the major purposes of this day of demonstrations by the US Center was to showcase Creative Drama, in the hope that ASSITEJ would favorably consider its inclusion in the international Association's agenda. However, creative drama was regarded by many of the European delegates as basically 'Western', primarily educational, and not 'adult professional' despite the fact that Great Britain, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, Spain and Yugoslavia had active creative drama programs in their countries. In the General Assembly the next day the Proposal was voted down: 20-Yes and 31-No. Ultimately in 1973 at the London EXCOM Meeting the creative drama was rejected, and creative drama never become part of ASSITEJ."
(Nat Eek: History of ASSITEJ. Vol. I Discovering a New Audience for Theatre (1964-1975) Santa Fe: Sunstone Press 2008, 214)

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