7.1981 - Lyon – France


Theatre for Children

"1. Theatre. Here the term designates the most elaborated products of dramatic art, presented by professionals, or their equivalents, regardless of the forms being adopted …
2. For children.
a) The expressed relation between 'theatre' and 'children' gives to understand – without necessarily implying it – the rejection of a theatre by children (regardless of it being meant for an audience of children or an audience of adults).
b) This relation implies the specific features of a children's audience as compared to an adults' audience.
Besides, it is 'restrictive', not including 'youth'.
It brings out the problem of the age limit which can be assigned to 'childhood', that of the existing relations between theater and school, that of its homogeneousness (periods of age) of the degree of its specific quality (presence or non presence of adults), of the degree of children's participation, etc…
Cf. The special issue of the Enfance Magazine (ensemble of problems, p. 2).
= Elaborated theatrical product, given under the form of a performance by adult professionals or like, in front of an audience specifically, or not necessarily so, made up of children, but meant for a children's audience, homogeneous in principle, in functional places or otherwise, or at school."
(ASSITEJ: Terminology. Fascicle 1, 30 – in English, French and Russian)

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