10.1990 - Stockholm – Sweden

The development of individual identity...

...through the search for a better ethnic and cultural awareness
Playing Shakespeare for a young audience
Notes by Karin Anderson

"The following representatives presented their work with Shakespeare for a young audience: Jörgen Bodner from Friteatern in Sundbyberg/Stockholm (JB), Etienne Glaser from Unga Klara in Stockholm (EG), Maria Hedborg from Backa Teater in Gothenburg (MH), Jan Mark from Folkteatern in Gävle (JM) and Gunilla Kindstrand from Folkteatern, Gävle (GK).
EG on 'The Tempest': The play is a model of universe, what we mean by 'life'. We worked with the play for four months. During a period of eight weeks we divided our working days into three parts, and some of that time was spent on playing African music. We improvised along three different themes; madness, relationships and nature and we read about two page of the script and discussed the text – it took us two months to go through it!
We wanted to interpret the play from a child's point of view (like Shakespeare through Miranda). We found that the play could be read and understood on two levels; one existential level – what do children and adults mean by 'truth'? The other level deals with future relationships, dependence and separation. (…)"
(A compilation of Lectures and Seminars held during the ASSITEJ world congress in Stockholm 1990, 26)

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