11.1993 - Havanna – Cuba

Honorary Presidents Award

The General Assembly 1993, Miscellaneous

"Nat Eek (USA), as promised at the Stockholm Congress, presented the statues governing the Honorary President's Award to the General Assembly. The Award will be given to an individual theatre group or theatre artist for artistic excellence in theatre for children and youth.
The Award consisted of 1,000 US$, an engraved silver goblet, and a bottle of champagne. Nominations were to be sent to the USA Center when requested. Eek's initiative was highly appreciated by the General Assembly, and warmly applauded. (…)
New EC-Meeting 7 October 1996
'Honorary President's Award': In light of the recent rejection and then re-acceptance of the Award, the President would present a detailed plan at the next EC Meeting. He and Eek had already conferred on the details. Essentially the new rules and regulations stated:
1.    The Award was for noteworthy excellence of an individual creative artist or company during the past three years of accomplishment
2.    The Nominee must have the endorsement of his/her National Center
3.    There will be a different selection committee each time
4.    There can be only one winner
5.    The Secretary General will notify all centers of the Award and its deadlines
6.    In addition Eek had increased the Award to 5,000 US$."
(Nat Eek: History of ASSITEJ. Vol. III Maintaining the New Audience for Theatre (1991-2005) with Kim Peter Kovac and Katherine Krzys. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press 2014, 72-73 and 117)

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