12.1996 - Rostov-on-Don – Russia

Theatre for Survival

Proposal on the artistic theme 1993 – 1996 (proposed by the Executive Committee)

"The EC proposes the following working title: 'Theatre for Survival'
The theme is not meant in the physical sense of a day to day struggle or hand to mouth existence to endure.
Rather, it is to be interpreted in the artistic sense of developing cultural identity.
The theme has many advantages:
-    it continues the intention of the current theme to deal with relevant and practical issues of here and now
-    it is relevant to all countries and cultures in their own ways
-    it is particularly appropriate to developing countries, but is also important to developed countries
-    it allows for a multiplicity of sub-themes, one of which the EC recommends should be 'theatre and disability'.
The EC encourages all countries to develop, produce and record work under the theme.
It also draws the theme to the attention of major world festivals which may consider the title as part of their events during the period."
"A proposal from the Commission of Artistic Problems presented by the chairman of the Commission, Jürgen Flügge."
(ASSITEJ: General Assembly 1993. Program and Enclosure to item 10)

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