14.2002 - Seoul – Korea


"The 2002 ASSITEJ Congress is the first congress to be held in Asia. So far we have had 13 ASSITEJ congresses mainly in Europe. It is very significant to hold a Congress for the first time in Asia as a first congress to be held in the new millennium. It is a right time for us, Asians, to show the world what children's theatre we are doing in Asia and how different and meaningful our theatre is.

I think the ASSITEJ Congress to be held in Asia for the first time should be different from all the Congresses we have had so far. How can we make it different? The answer is it should be Asian or Asiatic. Then how can we make a Congress Asiatic? The answer is far more participation of Asians in the Congress. I mean the participation of more Asian productions and of more Asian members. As for the Asian productions, we are planning to invite five official productions from Asia and more productions for fringe program. You may, however, have an experience of finding a very few Asians attending the Congresses. It would be a shame to see just a few Asian delegates and members at the first Asian Congress. In that sense I strongly hope as many Japanese participants as possible to come to the ASSITEJ Congress in Seoul, Korea in 2002."
(Kim Wook Ok: Plans for the ASSITEJ CONGRESS)

According to the ideas, which the President of ASSITEJ Korea has sent to the Japan ASSITEJ Center, the Congress includes a multitude of remarkable activities. One of those was a debate of Why and How to Mix Tradition and Technology. The speakers were Ivica Simic (President, ASSITEJ Croatia), Sera Moore Williams (Director, Y Gymreas) and Michel Vais (Critic, Secretary General of International Association of Theatre Critics). The meeting was held from 2pm until 4pm on July 25th in the Sungkyunkwan University and the participants argued about the principle question of technology for children's theatre as challenge or risk.
(Flyer and Broschure of the Symposium | jk)

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