15.2005 - Montreal – Canada

Favoriser l'épanouissement des jeunes à travers les arts

Encourage the personal development of young people through the arts

To match the intention of this slogan the World Congress has offered a variety of discussion groups:
"Seven Forums – Assitej International
-    Adapting literature into theatre (with the participation of International Board on Books for Young People IBBY Canada)
This discussion will focus on the factors to be considered when adapting works of literature into stage works. These include cultural and linguistic considerations, as well as issues of appropriacy, fidelity to the original idea or central thrust of the adapted work, etc.
-    How to build relationships between theatre arts and the educational system? (with the participation of Association théâtre-éducation du Québec – ATEQ)
This forum will explore the integral relationship between theatre artists and the school systems (including students, teachers and administrators) that make up so much of our audience. Models from Israel, Japan, Québec and the USA will be presented as starting point for a discussion of what 'works' and 'what does not'.
-    How to expand the scope of criticism of theatre for young audiences? (with the participation of the International Association of Theatre Critics – IATC)
Some 200 years ago, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already concerned himself with the criticism of criticism. Today, we have to discuss the role of criticism in theatre again, especially when the audience is young. It is not enough, in theatre for children, to report about 'rosy cheeks' and 'shining eyes'. We expect a professional approach to criticism as well as we expect it from the artists.
-    The new role of theatre houses
The creation of theatre houses is now at the center of the professionals of performing arts for young audiences' preoccupations. This new order of things is having important effects on audience development and habit creation, on increasing touring possibilities for the companies, providing them with renewed chances to meet new audiences.
-    How to profile an artistic directorship of festivals? (with the participation of the International Theatre Institute – ITI)
Various questions will be dealt with in this forum, such as: On what bases can we tag the words 'good' or 'bad' to festivals? What are the functions of festivals? How can you get money for festivals? How can you attract audiences to festivals? How can you start your festival?
-    How to network in theatre for young audiences?
This forum will essentially deal with two issues: What are the needs and benefits of a network for the individual theatre practitioner or theatre? And is there a contradiction between a strong organisation (ASSITEJ) and a flexible network?"
(ASSITEJ 15th World Congress 2005: Programme official / Official Programm, 29-31)

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