16.2008 - Adelaide – Australia

Theatre Festivals: Celebration of Cultural Diversity

The ASSITEJ Book 2008/2009
Preface by Wolfgang Schneider

"(…) And in Moscow, we identified a phenomenon being practiced by almost all children's and youth theatres: the phenomenon of festivals! In the Russian capital in 2008, festival organisers and festival researchers met for a scholarly colloquium of the European Festival Association, to discuss the goals, models and perspectives of the theatre festivals; the specialties, examples and characteristics of children's and youth theatre festivals; and what we can bring in experience in these contexts, regarding artistic concepts, audience involvement, and cultural exchange. A few of the contributions are documented in this ASSITEJ book, some of the questions are debated from different angels, and some findings from the international festivals in Europe, Asia, and America can be found within the texts. The ASSITEJ was founded to promote the international exchange of theaters. It was the era of the Cold War. Today, in this time of cultural conflicts, these challenges are no less meaningful. While it is still true that the young audience must struggle for fuller participation in artistic life, a fair share in life for all cultures is ever becoming even more significant. Today the ASSITEJ is engaged in this cause: on behalf a diversity of cultures, which can be expressed especially in the festivals of children's and youth theatres. And this ASSITEJ Book 2008/2009 addresses this main focus. (…)"
(Theatre Festivals. Celebration of Cultural Diversity, 10)

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