17.2011 - Copenhagen / Malmoe - Denmark / Sweden

building bridges, crossing borders

Cultural Translation in International Collaborations
US Artists 'Dance' with Theatermakers from Abroad
by Megan Alrutz and Kim Peter Kovac

"Many of us in the field of theater for young audiences are working on 'building bridges and crossing borders' across real and imagined international lines. Throughout this work, theatermakers and presenters are engaged in processes of 'cultural translation' that encourage, if not require, us to consider issues of language and theme, as well as the transfer of multiple cultural contexts to the rehearsal process and to our audiences at large. International collaborations invite us into each other’s worlds – both artistically and culturally – offering exciting new ways of imagining theater for young people and reminding us of the complexities of making art in an age of globalism."
(Building Bridges, Crossing Borders. The Annual Magazine of ASSITEJ International 2011, 4)

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