19.2017 - Cape - Town South Africa

The Future of Theatre in Africa...

...is Theatre for Young Audiences

"The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival will be an extraordinary and memorable event, showcasing the incredible diversity and richness of theatre for young audiences in Africa and the World. It will be a catalyst for transformation of how theatre for young audiences will be viewed in South Africa and on the continent, in the future, creating significant attention for the field, while also generating new possibilities for partnerships and supportive infrastructure. It will celebrate cultural identity and diversity within theatre for young audiences, and will also seek to establish a more central position for Africa within the global context of TYA, as the Cradle of Creativity.
A priority of the Congress will be to ensure that South African children and young people, and their families, are given access to performances and that young people take an active role in the Festival and Congress. We see this as a way of supporting and further developing the work of ASSITEJ SA in this regard, and ensuring that access to live performance becomes generally accepted as an intrinsic and important right for every child and young person in our land."
(ASSITEJ South Africa, Proposal, 27)

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