Let us leave history now and turn to the present!

A funny birthdayshow with cake

Friday, 24.04.15, 2.00 – 2.45 pm THEATER AN DER PARKAUE, Himmelfoyer in English

Happy Birthday ASSITEJ! We did some research and read everything you ever said!! Now we want to celebrate with you! We brought cake. But before we can start eating we have a few questions: When and why did you eliminate the word 'peace' in your mission statement? Which has been your favourite speech? What are the big moments in 50 years of the ASSITEJ? When did you cry? When did you laugh? And how can we become a member – or president? These are the questions five students of the University of Hildesheim want to ask.
In the end everybody’s singing. So we are happy! Or as you would say: "No more speeches - let’s have a drink!"

SIMON: We did some research and compared the constitutions, especially the one from 1965 with the one from today. And one thing caught our mind. An important word was missing. And because it’s so important, we want it back. So, let us tell you the whole story.

ANNA: Well … once upon a time … in 1965 there was a constitution of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People and the very first sentence of this Constitution was:

SIMON: Since the theatrical art is an universal expression of mankind and possesses the influence and power to link large groups of the world's people in the service of peace and considering the role that theatre can play in arts education of young generations, an autonomous international organization has been formed which bears the name of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. The Association shall be known by the acronym ASSITEJ.

ANNA: But the world changed and we felt that something was different. We looked and … and we found out, that the term 'In the service of peace' was gone. That means peace itself was gone.

SIMON: Peace was gone.

LAURA: Peace was gone!

ISI: Peace was gone!

ANNA: And we began to search for it. 2008 – it was still there. What happened in those 3 years? Where did the peace go? And why? We searched for it all over the world.

ISI: But instead of the term 'in the service of peace' we found something else, in the new constitution we found something new, that was never there before, the Mission Statement. And it’s sounds beautiful, lovely!!!!

SIMON: Let’s have a look at the Mission Statement.

ANNA: ASSITEJ recognizes the right of all children and young people to enrichment through the arts and their own cultural traditions, especially theatre culture.
Theatre respects its young audiences by presenting their hopes, dreams, (Laura signal for music: "We are the world") and fears; it develops and deepens experience, intelligence, emotion, and imagination; it inspires ethical choices; it increases awareness of social relationship; it encourages self-esteem, tolerance, confidence, and the free expression of opinions. Above all, it helps future generations find their place and voice in society. ASSITEJ, Mission Statement 2011 (Anna, Simon, Isi emotional, dancing with music ... Laura signal – Music cut off!)

LAURA: The peace is still lost.

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