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Excellent productions, highly decorated plays and contemporary discussions - the new enhanced website of the Children's and Young People's Theatre Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany describes the manifold aspects of the children and youth theatre in the past and present.


THEMEN ABC - Contemporary Music Theater for Young Audiences Documentation of the International Congress 'Happy New Ears' 2016 in Mannheim with Programme, Report and Press Review / AFRICA - Theatre of a Story, Laughter and Death - a review of African guest performances displayed during the ASSITEJ World Congress 2017 by Agata Drwięga

FOCUS ON AFRICA : Current Performances and Cultural History

Understand the Arguments, explore the Activities, look at the Performances, read on: A variety of documents give an insight into the contemporary Theatre for Children and Youth in Africa. Video-Stills describe different types or show most inspiring performances. With texts and illustrations express posters and flyers the diversity and plurality of African cultures and theater-styles. Newsletters and reports elaborate on the varied discourses between artists and within their organization. With the latest delivery from the World Congress of ASSITEJ 2017 the ASSITEJ International Archives offer new sources for the further development of TYA worldwide.

Polish TYA : Polish contemporary Playwrights

The new series A Glance around the Polish TYA is dedicated to Polish contemporary theatre for children where various influences come across. It is easy to find there both traditional puppet performances and shows based on modern plays. In the next posts we will present some drafts of the interesting and worth-to-be-mentioned performances, tendencies, publications and events, which took place in Poland recently: Poetic Street Performance * At the Campfire Or How to develop New Plays for Children and Young People * What's new? - About theatre for young adults * With Fire in the Head – About German Dramatury  * Polish Contemporary Playwrights –  Marta Gusniowska

With around 130 productions the Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences Augenblick mal! in Berlin illustrates the development of the Children's and Young People's Theatre in Germany since 1991. Together with the photographs of the productions or the actors and with the videoclips of the productions the translation of the synopsis' and the votes concerning the several german performances in English form a detailed retrospective of the recent history of the Children's and Young People's Theatre in Germany.

What's on? A current guide to the festivals in Germany and around the world

A Summary explains the developement of the concept and practice of the  German Children's Theatre Prize and the German Young People's Theatre Prize. Both awards were given to authors of excellent plays since 1996.

MOVEMENTS, the exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the World Association of Theatres for Children and Young People was placed from the 21st to the 26th April 2015 in different places in Berlin. The Children's and Youth Theatre Centre presents now an extended version of the exhibition with 75 posters from the repertoire of 50 countries as video, citations of the themes of the ASSITEJ World Congress between 1966 and 2017, an excerpt of the scenic reading and audio-clips as well as photos of the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015 in Berlin.

New Release in June 2017: TYA in Germany

In the Magazine for Children's and Young People's Theatre IXYPSILONZETT, a publication of ASSITEJ Germany, basic articles exemplify this field of theatre in Germany (2005), 'Young theatre' in Germany (2008), international coproductions and the international exchange (2011) and the role of the audience (2014). These in English distributed issues were edited by Gerd Taube und Meike Fechner. The latest issue (2017) is edited by Meike Fechner and Eckhard Mittelstädt: Theatre for Social Change, Theatre for Children by Children, Inclusive Theatre, Music Theatre, Dance Theatre, Storytelling and New Writing are the headlines of the articles covering the current perspectives and experiences in TYA in Germany.

The Online-Catalogue of the Children's and Young People's Theatre contains links to the theatres in Germany, abstracts and information on the repertoire of the members of ASSITEJ Germany and offers a bibliography of the literature, media and archives from the collection of the Children's and Young People's Theatre Centre in Frankfurt (Germany). (jk)