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'TYA in Germany', the latest edition of the Magazine for Children's and Young People's Theatre IXYPSILONZETT summarizes the current perspectives and manifold experiences in this field. This fifth issue of the Magazine in English was published in connection with the ASSITEJ World Congress in Cape Town (South Africa). Also the previous issues were produced for the ASSITEJ World Congress 2014 in Warsaw (Polen), 2011 in Kopenhagen (Denmark) and Malmo (Sweden), 2008 in Adelaide (Australia) and 2005 in Montreal (Canada).
'Facing the Audience', the fourth issue, discusses the Spectator as the starting point in Theatre for Young Audience. The title of the third issue 'Discovery, Venture, Risk' describes the various concepts of international coproductions in the German theatre for young audience. The second issue takes up current developments in German theatre for young audiences. Professionals from various backgrounds discuss and reflect artistic challenges and aesthetic changes which would not have been possible without the basis of a theatre scene of high artistic standards that is firmly embedded historically.
And the first issue reflects with the look at structures, the repertory and forms of expressions, the audience and aesthetic education principle aspects of the contemporary theatre in Germany. And all articles back up the popular opinion on the German theatre: More than Grimm and GRIPS.
The issues were edited by Gerd Taube, Director of the Children's and Young People's Theatre Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany, and Meike Fechner, General Secretary of ASSITEJ Germany. Only the latest issue was edited bei Meike Fechner and Eckhard Mittelstädt, projektmanager of the National Association of Independent Theatres in Germany and co-editor of the German issues of IXYPSILONZETT. (jk)