Augenblick mal! 1995

Dienstag, 11. April 1995 | KulturBrauerei - Kesselhaus

Junges Theater am Stadttheater Konstanz
Der elektrische Reiter
von Heidi von Plato
Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main
ab 15 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Elias Perrig
Stage Design: Beate Faßnacht
Costume Design: Beate Faßnacht
Dramaturgy: Peter-Jakob Kelting
Actor(s): Miriam Japp (Judith), Horst Kiss (Der Verlorene), Daniel Ris (Bomber), Anna Schmidt (Ork)


A drop-out by the name of Judith Goldfaden lives in the ruins of an empty electric power station. But Bomber, the leader of a neo-fascist group of rowdies, also claims the premises as his own. Ork, his extremely young girlfriend – a child prostitute –


'The Electric Knight' is theatre, balancing on a razor's edge. In a time where authorities claim that stranded youths should be re-integrated into society – a society which is not their own – this play does not offer explanations or solutions. Instead, an attempt is made to describe the world in which young people are growing up in, regardless of whether this life is really what they want or need. There is no search for causes, no judgement. The author, Heidi von Plato, says the following about her play: "Considering a play about outsiders, who meet by chance, crash into each other... all of the figures must have invented names, names they give themselves, taken from literature or just made up. They are not pre-fabricated figures, not social stereotypes. By no means a psychological play." The 'Junge Theater' in Konstanz respected the aim of the author to avoid making a psychological play about violence. So there is plenty of violence on the stage but always with a carefully chosen theatrical sense. There is no attempt to re-create reality on the stage, on the contrary, the director Elias Perrig and the incredibly active ensemble even emphasise the artificiality of the play, distorting the figures with ludicrous attributes.

Brigitte Dethier on behalf of the jury

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