Augenblick mal! 1995

Samstag, 8. April 1995 | carrousel Theater an der Parkaue

Kammertheater Neubrandenburg
Flüsterlaut & Schlauschön
von Gerd Knappe
Idee von Gerd Knappe, Horst Hawemann, Ensemble
Rechte beim Theater
ab 7 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Horst Hawemann, Ensemble
Stage Design: Joachim Damm, Klemens Kühn
Costume Design: Joachim Damm, Klemens Kühn
Actor(s): Beate Biermann, Oliver Dassing, Marlis Hirche, Ute Kotte, Peter Müller, Cordula Nossek, Pierre Schäfer, Hanno Wuckasch, Annette Wurbs


What is theatre? How does it come into being? 'Flüsterlaut und Schlauschön' (Whisperloud & Clevercute) is a theatre vision, an expedition through the world of theatre... pure adventure. The figures have to find themselves first, before the 'real' theat


"The play begins with how theatre begins." What is theatre? How does it come into being? The audience sees several short stories which flow into each other, woven together by the figures. But these are no everyday figures in Knappe's play... just look at their names: 'Now Here' and 'Now Gone', an inseparable pair. The theatre-goer Rumkuck ('Look Round'), well-dressed and still clutching his ticket, comes in and looks round for a seat. Suddenly, he steps into the beam of a spotlight. The theatre-goer in the limelight! A game begins between Rumkuck and the beam, his first taste of the stage quickly awakening his fascination for the theatre. After the spotlight, the game with the curtain follows. With pantomime and sheer silliness, the theatre-goer is systematically introduced to the different elements of the theatre. And then comes the story of Haudruff ('Basher'), who is always bashing things around, including his poor apprentice Hinterher ('Tag Along'). Rumkuck gets to know many more people as well, such as Kostümdas, who tries to get his hands on anything he can wear. Or then there is Kannmanhier, an unrecognised artist who always wants to perform.

In the end, everyone wants to perform... theatre. And 'real' theatre no less! So they put on an old play by Molière, undoubtedly the shortest-ever version of his play 'Misers'. The most amazing thing is the transition from clowning around to 'real' theatre, the empty stage magically transformed into a full-fledged setting with seven backdrops. In this performance by the Kammertheater Neubrandenburg, we get to see all the bits and pieces which make up a theatre. Seemingly unrelated fragments of dialogue between 'Now Here' and 'Now Gone', 'Basher' and 'Tag Along', grow into scenes of exemplary grandeur. But the simplicity with which this troop from Neubrandenburg enchant their audience is not the only peculiarity. Their way of working together is an art in its own right: The author Gerd Knappe spent the first month and half of rehearsals alone with the actors, developing dialogue from improvisations. Not until after this period did the director Horst Hawemann arrive on the scene to form the material into a production. The excellent ensemble work, without any one actor sticking out as a star or a score thumb, makes for a truly pleasurable theatre experience – for both young and old.

Brigitte Dethier on behalf of the jury

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