Augenblick mal! 1995

Sonntag, 9. April 1995 | GRIPS Theater

GRIPS Theater, Berlin
Gestrandet vor Guadeloupe
von Hans Zimmer
Verlag Autorenagentur, Frankfurt am Main
ab 10 Jahren | 70 Minuten

Director: Michael Heicks
Stage Design: Jürgen Höth
Costume Design: Jürgen Höth
Dramaturgy: Stefan Fischer-Fels
Music: No Credit
Actor(s): Dietrich Lehmann (Der Mann), René Schubert (Der Junge)
Theatre pedagogy: Stefan Fischer-Fels
Animation: Vanessa Oppenhoff
Video: Michael Heicks


'Stranded on Guadeloupe' is a play about the loneliness of two completely different people, about their dreams, stories and games. The older one, Kalle, is a stranded individual, he is lost, alone. He had wanted to take part in the prosperity of our af


This is a play about loneliness, about the frustrated longing for human closeness. The homeless man Kalle, trampled underfoot in his aspirations to take part in the promises of affluence, meets up with a 12 year old boy from a broken home. They are drawn towards each other and then repelled. They cause each other pain, yet begin to realise that they need each other. Sometimes they even like each other. The difference from the first years of the GRIPS Theater is surely that there is no longer a clearly defined border between young and old, between children and adults. The fissure now lies between truth and lie, between those who 'rake it all in' and those who are alienated and rejected. As always in the GRIPS Theater, the stage is not used as a soapbox. Children are integrated into the action in an amusing way.

But the main force in this production is in the talent of Dietrich Lehmann as Kalle Kabitzke. He is a free spirit with the seductive charm of the street, an outsider with overflowing fantasy and refined cunning. This experienced actor also leads his younger colleague, René Schubert, with an able and partner-like hand through their interactions. By giving the boy enough room to develop his character, the fun for the younger members of the audience is that much more increased, allowing them a glance into the secrets of the older man. All in all, the director Michael Heicks, once again proving his feel for the inherent rhythm of a text, has put together a performance which lives up to the high standard of this theatre house.

Volker Trauth on behalf of the jury

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