Augenblick mal! 1995

Samstag, 8. April 1995 | Haus der Kinder - Saal

von Tanja Neumann, Anne Swoboda, Torsten Gesser
Rechte beim Theater
ab 5 Jahren | 55 Minuten

Director: Tanja Neumann
Stage and Costume Design: Anke Feuchtenberger, Agnes Sioda
Music: Mike Hille
Actor(s): Torsten Gesser (Hexe Zussa), Anne Swoboda (Hexe Haga)


Two witches venture into the unknown, passing through curious landscapes and undergoing bizarre transformations. They first meet on the edge of a dark woods, soon entwined into a mutual adventure of love and loneliness, rivalry and friendship. The witc


This production made for "kids 5 and up" makes fun of and transforms our typical image of witches. Two witches meet and compete for the favour of the children. They try to outdo each other by inventing more and more fantastic and nonsensical stories, finally working themselves up into an infectious frenzy: a euphoria-like state of fiction. One tells the story of Sigmar and the enchanted princess Isadora, the other jumping into the story to take over the role of the hero. Out of the competition, a sense of unity arises. Working together then, they overcome the evil Magic Bird and bring the story to a happy end. The two players – Anne Swoboda and Torsten Gesser – work with puppets in an imaginative, dramaturgically well-conceived manner, without allowing themselves to be upstaged. The production is funny and opulently applies theatrical methods. Above all, interaction with the children is encouraged, while romping avoided.

Volker Trauth on behalf of the jury

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