Augenblick mal! 1995

Montag, 10. April 1995 | carrousel Theater an der Parkaue - Probebühne 1

Theater im Marienbad - Freiburger Kinder- und Jugendtheater
Käthi B.
von Beat Fäh
Stückgut Theaterverlag, München
ab 12 Jahren | 70 Minuten

Director: Dieter Kümmel
Stage and Costume Design: Margrit Schneider, Martin Baldenhofer
Stage Design: Margrit Schneider, Martin Baldenhofer
Dramaturgy: Stephan Weiland
Music: Harald Kimmig, Ana Maria Ramos de Oliviera
Actor(s): Heinzl Spagl (Herr Schäfer, ein Kellner), Kirsten Trustaedt (Käthi Beck, eine Schülerin)


Käthi B. is 12 year old schoolgirl who has made herself a hideout in a basement wardrobe. Here she is caught by surprise by a Mr. Schäfer. He is a waiter and treats Käthi at first as any other adult would. But his arrogance turns him into Käthi's priso


Two people meet in a strange place. A cellar. An adult who more or less gets by with his life and job as a waiter. And a child. From the very beginning, strategies of power determine their interaction. The basement, a place cut off from the rest of the world, becomes a playground for the authority of an adult and the rebelliousness of a child. In Dieter Kümmel's forceful production, the categorising between good and evil is not in the foreground, rather an exact reflection of situations, buried dreams and psychological injuries. The director works out every detail together with the two performers, but never tries to give explanations. In this way, the actor who plays the waiter wears a mask, that is, keeps a neutral face. Is he angry... or helpless? The audience must make a picture for themselves. And Käthi is neither a typical child nor a typical adult. She is a loner, a lonely person.

With respect to their work on the play, they wrote: "We noticed that Käthi's games could not be mere sublimation, easily explained with a 'that's why' or 'that's where this comes from'. Her desperation lies deeper, nourished by an unwillingness to join the world outside where she is treated like an infant. Down here, there is no one to make a fuss. Käthi refuses to be the 'well-behaved' child she should." The actress Kirstin Trustaedt's performance deserves special acclaim. She plays the part of a child without romping about, giving her figure all the nuances of a neglected and rebellious human being. And Heinzl Spagl is an excellent partner in this power game. This Freiburg production is impressive in the consistent guidance of the performers and through the mixture of realistic and poetic forms of theatre.

Brigitte Dethier on behalf of the jury

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