Augenblick mal! 1995

Mittwoch, 12. April 1995 | carrousel Theater an der Parkaue - Probebühne 1

Kinder & Jugend Theater im Werftpark, Kiel
Sturmhöhe - Die Nächte der Schwestern Brontë
von Susanne Schneider
Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main
ab 14 Jahren | 75 Minuten

Director: Franziska Steiof
Stage and Costume Design: Dagmar Boden
Actor(s): Silvia Kunstwart (Emily Jane), Christine Passow (Anne), Meike Siems (Charlotte), Christopher Zumbült (Lord Byron)


The author offers us a fervent glance into the short lives of the Brontë sisters. Who were these three sisters who decided one night to each write a novel... all of which were published? In the dark, stormy nights of the wild Yorkshire moors, three boo


A thoroughly poetic, lustful and straight-forward production about the three highly talented Brontë sisters, struggling for their identity between literary ambition and rural isolation. The poetry of the Brontë's is presented in a simple and 'non-poetic' form, showing how young people live and exist. To emphasise the individuality of each actress, the director, Franziska Steiof, does not implement a unified acting principle. The three performers impressively suceed in transmitting a vision of femininity without competing with the male drive to achieve. They are women with the charming weaknesses of femininity, ironically winking yet lustful, melancholic and filled with a longing for a different world. This production uninhibitedly and confidently shines with plain old-fashioned feminism. Women have the right to at least half of this world and heaven to boot! Not to mention the theatre! Yet where else can we see three female figures acting with such utter equality on the stage?

Ingrid Hentschel on behalf of the jury

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