Augenblick mal! 1997

Samstag, 26. April 1997 | carrousel Theater an der Parkaue - Probebühne 1

carrousel Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin
Das Mädchen Kiesel und der Hund
von Katrin Lange
Verlag Autorenagentur, Frankfurt am Main
ab 8 Jahren | 60 Minuten

Director: Marcelo Diaz
Stage and Costume Design: Ilona Schwab
Dramaturgy: Wolfgang Wöhlert
Music: Dietrich Petzold
Actor(s): Birgit Berthold (Die Frau des Jägers, eine junge Frau), Wesselin Georgiew (Der Jäger, Junger Hund), Sebastian Reusse (Der Hund), Chiaretta Schörnig (Die Tochter des Jägers, Kiesel, der in der Brandung rollt), Jürgen Stegmann (Der Gastfreund, Junger Hund), Yüksel Yolcu (Der Junge, der auf dem Nordlicht reitet, Junger Hund)
Musician(s): Dietrich Petzold


The seal hunter is proud of his daughter. He calls her 'Pebble, who rolls in the surf'. He is so proud of her, he refuses to give her away for marriage to the 'Boy, who rides the Northern Lights'. The hunter is still strong enough to take care of his f


The true poetry of this story is found in the way it implements the language of theatre. Each actor establishes a clearly defined gesture regiment for their figure, yet not too cold or distant. When the figures are required to be emotional, the staging becomes problematic. The clear definition of the figures must be abandoned. Their cries seem strange, their gestures inappropriate. The figures act in an artistically designed space of interlocking angles, the white of the stage strikingly reflects the blue and yellow lights, becoming once bitingly cold ice and then slowly melting snow. The most remarkable aspect of this production is how skilfully it applies the tools of theatre – light, space, body, sound and acting – while simultaneously drawing attention to theatre's weaknesses: the inability of the audience to understand this language, especially in areas where the theatre is unable to articulate iself clearly.

Gerd Taube

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