Augenblick mal! 1997

Dienstag, 29. April 1997 | Schiller Theater Werkstatt

Kinder & Jugend Theater im Werftpark, Kiel
Das Pferd in der Nacht
von Suzanne van Lohuizen
Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main
ab 4 Jahren | 45 Minuten

Director: Eva Pieper
Stage and Costume Design: Sibylle Meyer
Dramaturgy: Hanne Stig
Music: Robert Schumann
Actor(s): Rahel Comtesse (Das Mädchen), Carsten Schleuß (Der Junge)
Musician(s): Svetlana Kostik (Klavier)


A pianist begins the performance with the words: "Listen to my hands and see what I see!" The story of a girl is told, who is waiting... if only she knew what for. The story of boy is told, who yearns to follow his dream of love and friendship. Togethe


What the pianist says in the prologue, inferring the ability of music to communicate a visual experience, is more than fulfilled in the performance. Eva Pieper's direction allows the music to take on the role of the protagonist. The scenery, the plot and the lyrically composed text have all been structurally influenced by the spirit of romantic music. The levels of expression have been left open and mysterious enough to allow the theatregoer to make his own associations. The acting orientates itself on Schumann's own romantic conception of music. The acting of this universal story of love's yearning, fulfilment and separation is as simple, abstract and fragmented as the music which accompanies it. At the same time, the scenery, figures and music are also each able to develop a life of their own. A radically sensuous type of theatre ensues, in which all theatrical levels of expression are permitted equal space to blossom and be appreciated. The artistic form itself becomes the content. The constraints of reality are transcended and the creative fantasy of art unleashed: fragmented and incomplete, first fulfilled when an audience experiences it, each member decoding its puzzle for themselves. As it can be seen and heard, A Horse in the Night only fulfils the longing for happiness and harmony for a few fleeting moments. But those moments make for an unforgettable theatre experience... for an audience open to perceive them.

Andrea Gronemeyer

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