Augenblick mal! 1997

Dienstag, 29. April 1997 | GRIPS Theater

GRIPS Theater, Berlin
Eins auf die Fresse
von Rainer Hachfeld
Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main
ab 13 Jahren | 135 Minuten

Director: Rüdiger Wandel
Stage Design: Cornelia Brey
Costume Design: Barbara Kremer
Dramaturgy: Stefan Fischer-Fels
Music: Axel Kottmann
Actor(s): Julia Blankenburg (Lana Schmitt), Christian Giese (Herr Erbach, Herr Ratzenauer), Christine Heinze (Frau Schmitt, Frau Blohme), Volker Kellner (Sven Sommerland), Dietrich Lehmann (Herr Dr. Förster, Herr Kunewski, Herr Sommerland, Der Pfarrer), Ulrike von Lenski (Marie Luise Blohme), René Schubert (Lukas Kunewski)


The eighth class of a Berlin school: the pupil Matthias Erbach, known a 'Matzo', has committed suicide. A week after the fact, the school is still in shock and everyone who knew 'Matzo' struggles with a guilty conscience. Investigations begin. The part


'A Whack in the Jaw' is a typical 'GRIPS' play with a typical 'GRIPS' production:

– the quick changing of the scenes, the inevitable black-outs in between, the high pace required of the actors
– a realistic scenery
– the use of clichés for the adult roles, from the naive mother to the burnt-out teacher and the violent father
– typical casting of several roles to one actor (especially of supporting roles, i.e. adults)
– generally, a rather simplified characterisation
– a cabaret style of performance, whose exaggerations the actors can play up on
– an enjoyable theatre experience despite the tragic basis and the numerous conflicts

What is most remarkable is the proximity of the theatremakers with the day to day reality of young people. Careful consideration was taken in the choosing of the topic. The research dedicated to the development of the idea was thorough and earnest. This piece from the GRIPS Theater represents an important area of work in young people's theatre, an area essential to the full spectrum which this theatre festival aims to cover.

Brigitte Dethier

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