Augenblick mal! 1997

Sonntag, 27. April 1997 | Schaubude

Theater Waidspeicher, Puppentheater Erfurt
Fräulein Tong-Tong oder Verliebt, Verlobt, Verheiratet
nach einer Idee von Holger Friedrich
Rechte bei Holger Friedrich und Theater Waidspeicher
ab 5 Jahren | 55 Minuten

Director: Holger Friedrich
Stage and Costume Design: Holger Friedrich
Music: Fritz Bauer, Holger Friedrich, Stefan Wey
Actor(s): Holger Friedrich/Tomas Mielentz am 29. und 30. April (Rumpolt), Stefan Wey (Romeo)


Everyday they meet each other at the train station, the staunchy engine mechanic Rumpolt and Romeo, the wiry bakery boy. Tired and grumpy, they complain of having too little sleep. Then one morning, Ms Tong-Tong steps off a train and in a flash the two


People in love are like children. This play by Stefan Wey and Holger Friedrich is based on the improvisation of scenes. The light yet steady flow of their dialogue testifies to this, never losing on immediacy, ever spontaneous and fresh. Theatre is first and foremost a game here, the text playing only a secondary or background role. Text is just one of the many elements of their game, accompanied by curious vocal noises, self-made music on the tuba and violin as well as the humorous bodily contortions of the tall, skinny guy (Romeo) and the little fat one (Rumpolt). While the actors are experienced puppeteers, the puppets, with a few exceptions, are completely absent. The way these two actors play with objects clearly shows their mastery at making inanimate things come to life on the stage. The play not only takes place in a train station, the play is like a train station itself: nothing stays the same, everything is in motion. The only thing we know for certain is that something will soon move, we just never know what or how. Boredom in the audience and the actors is never for a moment an issue, as they both hover in a state of perpetual suspense.

Gerd Taube

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