Augenblick mal! 1997

Montag, 28. April 1997 | carrousel Theater an der Parkaue - Probebühne 1

Theater Junge Generation, Dresden in Koproduktion mit dem statt-theater FASSUNGSLOS
Gut gemuht UHU - jandln für Kinder
Künstlerische Leitung: Frank Schubert
Luchterhand Literaturverlag München und Theaterverlag Kiepenheuer und Witsch, vertreten durch Gustav Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertriebs-GmbH, Berlin
ab 7 Jahren | 85 Minuten

Director: Frank Schubert
Stage and Costume Design: Silke Führich
Dramaturgy: Caren Fischer
Music: Bertram Quosdorf
Actor(s): Roland Florstedt, Miriam Kohler, Robby Langer, Katja Langnäse, Jörg Meister, Bertram Quosdorf, Frank Schubert, Uli Schwarz


The story begins one quite ordinary evening in the apartment of an also rather ordinary family. The parents are getting ready to go to a concert, the children are being tucked into bed. At just the wrong moment a neighbour rings, asking to borrow some


Well Howled Owl! deals with difficult issues, the deepest dreams and fears of children: the 'case' of school, life before and after death, the questions of happiness and meaning in life. Yet on the stage these issues suddenly loose their weight and appear enjoyable. The figures are bizarre and exaggerated while still emotionally authentic, the pace is accelerated, the situations comical. The whole turbulence of movement follows a careful choreography, while the cacophony of sound is orchestrated to perfection. The bodies of the actors become instruments which can be struck or hammered. Their mouths sing and rap. The scenery, the furniture, the props... in fact, in the course of the play, practically everything becomes a part of the musical orchestration. Despite the high level of stylisation, life itself jumps out at us from this weirdly distorted mirror. A terrific, evil and enthralling piece, a great way to stimulate all five senses...

Andrea Gronemeyer

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