Augenblick mal! 1997

Montag, 28. April 1997 | KulturBrauerei - Kesselhaus

Theater Triebwerk in Kooperation mit kampnagel hamburg
Heinrich der Fünfte
Eine Geschichte über das Kriegen
von Ignace Cornelissen
frei nach William Shakespeare
Theaterstückverlag Korn-Wimmer, München
ab 8 Jahren | 70 Minuten

Director: Franziska Steiof
Musical Direction: Arni Arnold
Stage and Costume Design: Zazie Knepper
Actor(s): Thomas Bammer (französischer König), Christine Passow (Catherine), Erik Schäffler (Heinrich der Fünfte), Christopher Zumbült (Erzähler)
Musician(s): Uwe Schade (Cello)


When Henry becomes the King of England, he is still quite young. His castle is in dire need of repairs but the state treasury is empty. In an old book, Henry learns that France is a rich country that once belonged to England. Full of impatience he sets


In this production, Theater Triebwerk has realised a wonderful harmonisation of direction, acting, scenery and music. The direction by Franziska Steiof is distinguished by a highly rhythmical and musical structure. The acting is of a potency seldom found in the German children's and young people's theatre scene: the actors vividly remind us that this piece is about war. We are immersed in the conflicting passions of wanting to own a castle, trying to love a woman and aspiring to be queen. The immediacy of the play originates in the way it is performed, at once presented while also lived through. The actors play the figures in their full-dimension. In each character we find both a child playing a game and an adult waging war. The narrator stands apart: timeless and unaffected, he holds the strings in his hands to lead the story as he pleases. This is theatre as it should be: four actor and a cellist telling a story, purely, directly, seriously... yet also buoyantly.

Brigitte Dethier

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