Augenblick mal! 1997

Dienstag, 29. April 1997 | Hebbel-Theater

Thalia Theater Halle
Schweres Gras
von Tomas von Brömssen und Lars-Eric Brossner
Verlag Autorenagentur, Frankfurt am Main
ab 7 Jahren | 60 Minuten

Director: Lars-Eric Brossner
Stage Design: Sören Brunens
Costume Design: Karola Hupfer
Dramaturgy: Cornelia Nitzschke
Music: Lars-Eric Brossner
Actor(s): Sigurd Bemme (Eldwin), Thomas Hinrich (Engel), Susanne Höhne (Eloine), Alexandra Schnaubelt (Isadora)


'Love', as an angel, comes to the earth again to talk about his experiences. He meets with Eldvin and makes friends with him. They understand each other intuitively, whether listening together to the rustling of the trees or whimsically watching the ga


The Halle production bundles the various stories of the figures together into a light and strange summertime fairy tale. The director and the actors handle these outcasts of society with compassion, staying true to their idiosyncrasies and vulnerabilities. Especially 'Love', who appears thick-skinned and strong, is played so convincingly, we can almost hear his fear of responsibility resonating behind every bold claim. At the end, we grieve over Love's death. The most wonderful thing about this production is how completely one can experience the entire scale of human feeling, in only one short hour. Life and death become everyday events, giving us reason to both laugh and cry. Theatre has found its own here. Art is not artificial, but also not life. Art is a world of its own we are allowed to peek into, if only for a moment. When, in conclusion, Love flies into heaven as an angel, we believe it. Because it is theatre.

Brigitte Dethier

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