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Montag, 26. April 1999 | carrousel Theater an der Parkaue - Probebühne

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Theater des Lachens, Frankfurt/Oder in Koproduktion mit dem Theater unterm Dach, Berlin
Dantons Tod
frei nach Georg Büchner
Rechte beim Ensemble
ab 14 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Astrid Griesbach
Stage and Costume Design: Marianne Hollenstein
Music: Hermann Naehring
Actor(s): Ralf Bockholdt (Teufel), Thomas Jahn (Tod), Frank Panhans (Ritter)


One, two, three, they are hung back on their hooks. Robespierre, Danton and Camille. Or were they Saint-Just, Julie and the whole population of Paris? Three human puppets, three men-women, three trash-revolutionaries in red tulle skirts and innocent wh


Revolution as a storm of fun on an empty, lamp-lit show stage. Büchner wrote for 30 figures, these Frankfurters (who have meanwhile become Berliners) get by with three actors. They saunter onto stage like human puppets, dressed in shrill black with red or white make-up. Bulgingly stuffed full of cotton, wearing tulle skirts or gauze veils. They are the knight, death and the devil teasing Danton, Robespierre and Camille yet representing them at the same time. What appears to be a whirlwind originating in utter nonsense proves to be double-edged: a confrontation between the role and the actor, a reflection on old and new times. It's a clown act, grotesquerie, Grand-Guignol and puppet theatre all at once. The figures pull the strings, while hanging on purely imaginary ones themselves. They remove themselves from the play, hang themselves up on hooks. The three performers are disciplined, nimbly limbed, funny down to the last bone. They gracefully stumble from one role into the next alienation, commenting everything in word and gesture, this is body theatre and a game, what else. Light as a feather but not taken lightly. Ultra-comical in its dead-earnestness. Büchner's pathos taken outright seriously... with a laugh.

Hartmut Krug

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