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Mittwoch, 28. April 1999 | sophiensaele

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Kammertheater Neubrandenburg
Eine kleine Hausmusik
von Bella Ensemble
Rechte bei Marlis Hirche
ab 13 Jahren | 100 Minuten

Director: Marlis Hirche
Stage Design: Marlis Hirche, Klemens Kühn
Costume Design: Adelheid Wieser
Music: Jürgen Kurz
Actor(s): Beate Biermann (Witwe), Iduna Hegen (Rothut), Annette Wurbs, Oliver Dassing (Matrose), Werner Hennrich (Bauer), Dieter Köplin, Peter Müller (Athlet)


The cross-section of a three-storey house on the stage. Six peculiar characters inside. They act out scenes and stories of love, desire and suffering. Contact does not occur through language but noises, sounds, tones and German folk songs. Everything i


It is quite fashionable nowadays to understand theatre as a total work of art, as a cross-over medium between the visual and performing arts, between music and literature. But still, in reality, almost every production begins with the selection of a text. The performance is seen as a servant of literature. The Kammertheater Neubrandenburg turns the tables on this tradition. 'Eine kleine Hausmusik' started with the setting and the music. Marlis Hirche had been toying with the idea of a production with an oversized doll house long before she knew who would appear there or what would take place. The three storeys of the house were then filled not with words, but with figures, deeds and the sounds of traditional German folk music. Who can stand to live this cramped? Who sings, creaks the floorboards, snores, knocks and listens here? The audience embarks on a voyage of discovery with the ensemble. Every performance is improvised, only the characters and the songs are pre-planned. Day to day life in Germany takes a new twist, the house residents larger than life, gesticulating strangely and speaking in riddles. It may be 'in' to call a production a Gesamtkunstwerk, but 'Eine kleine Hausmusik' truly deserves the honour. It explores the whole range of artistic expression that is unique and specific to the theatre...

Andrea Gronemeyer

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