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Einsame Mamma
Ein Theater-Comic
von Cecilia Torudd und Christina Nilsson
übersetzt von Verena Reichel
Verlag Autorenagentur, Frankfurt am Main
ab 13 Jahren | 70 Minuten

Director: Brigitte Dethier
Stage Design: Carolin Mittler
Costume Design: Carolin Mittler
Dramaturgy: Anne Richter
Music: Reinhold Weiser
Actor(s): Barbara Feldbrugge (Mia), Rainer Kleinespel (Opa), Alexandra Madincea (Mutter), René Schack (Lasse), Manfred Uhl (Beppe)


Everyone hates each other, gets on each other's nerves, makes a mess. Chaos reigns supreme in this family. The lonely mother always jumps to the rescue, mediates, comforts, cleans. Mama's dance from one day-to-day demand to the next is something like a


This is the story of a 'Lonely Mama', pieced together as a sequence of comical episodes: exaggerated situations and isolated stories transmitted with sharp, pithy dialogue, a subject barely lasting a few sentences before it is finished off with a loaded punch line. The scenes and dialogues are pieced together like a cabaret. This makes the evening, but also spoils it. The story takes a long time to develop. Descriptions of people are not enough to keep the interest upheld. Finally, a fable emerges as the daughter moves out and her lover moves in with mountains of books. The grandfather serves as a convenient partner for a reflective dialogue now and then. There are songs implanted in the text, a good device, but most of them are at the beginning and the play seems to forget them again halfway through. Brigitte Dethier's attempt to transfer a two-dimensional cartoon into a three-dimensional evening at the theatre owes much of its success to the scenery and costume design of Carolin Mittler. She has created a stage which draws the audience into the scene of a cartoon, black and white illustrations accented with aquarelle colours.

Günter Ballhausen

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