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Sonntag, 25. April 1999 | DIE SCHAUBUDE

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Puppentheater der Stadt Halle
Kannst Du pfeifen Johanna
Fassung: Frauke Jacobi, Nils Dreschke, Lars Frank
nach dem Kinderbuch von Ulf Stark
Rechte beim Puppentheater der Stadt Halle
ab 6 Jahren | 55 Minuten

Director: Frauke Jacobi
Stage and Costume Design: Frauke Jacobi
Music: Ulrike Jacobi
Actor(s): Nils Dreschke (Berra), Lars Frank (Ulf, Opa)


This is the story of the boy Berra who, due to a bet with his playground buddy Ulf, goes on the search for a grandfather in a nursing home. And he finds one! Berra experiences wonderful adventures with his adopted grandfather and everything seems to be


How do you find your grandfather, if you don't even have one? That's what this wonderfully poetic story is about, based on the children's book by Ulf Stark and transposed into a puppet theatre by Frauke Jakobi, Nils Dreschke and Lars Frank. The figures are marionettes and performed in an 'open' style, a technique pursued by this ensemble of the Puppet Theatre in Halle since their debut in the 1995/96 season. This makes for an interesting combination of acting and puppetry. The means of operation are completely exposed, forcing one to be conscious of the play and the 'player' at all times and allowing for intriguing forms of interaction between the different levels of the performance: between the puppets and the puppeteers, between the puppeteers and the audience, between the puppets and the audience, between the puppeteers amongst themselves and between the puppets and the scenery which is altered by the puppeteers. Such a production epitomises the sheer fun of performing: the fun of transforming, the fun of surprises, the fun of estranging and then demasking again...

Günter Ballhausen

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