Augenblick mal! 2001

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2001 | DIE SCHAUBUDE Puppentheater Berlin

Theater Mär, Hamburg
Die Königin der Farben
von Marc Lowitz, Peter Markhoff
nach Jutta Bauer
Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main
ab 4 Jahren | 45 Minuten

Director: Marc Lowitz
Stage Design: Peter Markhoff
Costume Design: Frauke Pansegrau
Music: Thomas Pohle
Actor(s): Katrin Lowitz (Königin Malwida), Peter Markhoff (Erzähler, Laternenvorführer)


One morning Queen Malwida steps out before her castle gate. She calls to her subjects. "Blue!" Blue approaches, soft and mild. Then Malwida beckons Red. "Re-ed!!" who nearly topples her over. She commands Red to become a horse and then rides on him thr


... the Queen materialises as a projection on a screen. She emerges from her castle and calls out to her subjects: Blue, Red and Yellow. The colours are brought into the story via projector. They play about on the screen, paint the Queen, run across her face. They create independent forms, each with its own mind and unique dynamics. For now, the story is in the hands of the Laterna-projectionist – painting the story out, the Queen's world portrayed in a tale of colours and light. Red is called. With his exuberant, licking flames Red almost topples the Queen over. The screen shifts. A foot appears. Now Malwida, the Queen, emerges in person. She looks more like something out of a comic book than a castle. Not a beauty, in any case. But like it or not – complete with white dress, white crown, bulging belly and naked feet – now she runs the show. The game begins anew. The colours are once again called. The Queen is covered in soft Blue, wild Red, warm and bright Yellow. Red comes in as a cloth and turns into a horse. A frantic ride ensues. The Queen's crown slips from her head, dangles from her neck – nothing royal about this scene. She gets into a fight with the cheeky Yellow. The other colours try to mediate but then, all of a sudden, everything turns grey. The Queen cries, her tears bring back the colours, the game goes on. Malwida becomes even greedier than before. The volume and quality of her voice, like a paintbrush, directs the tempo and intensity of the colours which appear. More and more colour! She can't get enough of the game.

This adaptation as a play was developed together by director Marc Lowitz and Peter Markhoff, narrator and painter at Laterna Magica. Bounding with wit, wonderful levity and a sleeve full of surprising performance ideas, this story of colours unfolds with refreshing vividness and vitality. The Narrator at one point becomes an armchair for the Queen to rest upon. Tears turn into a downpour of confetti. A splotch of red takes off on its own, is chased after, pursued, then replanted from rear end to belly. The game starts all over again. Again and again. Each time with a firework display of fresh, new ideas. The fluid combination of (old) technology and acting creates a whole new theatrical form, a sensuality which commands fascination. The colours, produced via projector, become living beings, animating the moods of the Queen, making her happy, sad, angry then gentle. They are co-actors, influencing the course of events, from time to time even running the show. For the production, they are equal to the Queen in significance – showing feelings, calling forth emotions.

Gerda Özer

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