Augenblick mal! 2003

Montag, 5. Mai 2003 | GRIPS Theater

Das Rheinische Landestheater Neuss
Von drei alten Männern, die nicht sterben wollten
von Suzanne van Lohuizen
aus dem Niederländischen von Barbara Buri
Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main
Deutschsprachige Erstaufführung
ab 8 Jahren | 50 Minuten

Director: Greet Vissers
Stage and Costume Design: Maria Frenzel
Dramaturgy: Bettina Maurer
Music: John Gilbert Colman
Actor(s): Michael Dolata (Lothar), Martin Herrmann (Dietrich), Steffen Schreier (Oliver)


A letter has arrived for Dietrich, Oliver and Lothar. Peculiar. Normally, they never get mail. Lothar reads the letter aloud: "Today is your last day. Your lives are over. All your days have been used up. That's it, unfortunately. Best regards." The me


Three old men who live together, who belong together, get an anonymous letter in the mail telling them that on this very day, today, their lives will come to an end. Of course they are shocked – and scared! But then they get more and more outraged, become increasingly defiant: "We will live forever," they swear. On the stage are a grandfather clock, a writing desk and a goldfish bowl – a personal accessory for each character – and a mutual sofa. In the spaces in between, the play unfolds, outlining a friendship in miniature. The childlike rituals and everyday idiosyncrasies are performed with exquisite attention to detail. The scenes are lively and witty, cunningly accompanied by playback music, rhythmically imploding focal scenes – granting the 'last day' something like a poetic madness and giving the men who do not want to die a surprisingly youthful energy.

Three old men die. Far from lucky devils in life, they do each have their story to tell. One of them even knew a girl once for whom he gave up his pet sea urchin. And then? That's it! That's it... and in just this manner the play ends. That open. It didn't hurt, dying, you hear over the loudspeakers. But it does hurt. It hurts us. All three of those old geezers are so adorable. Such gung-ho and playful grandfathers who make no bones of their fears and frailties – isn't that just the kind of grandfather the kid in all of us dreams of? A play for everyone who has their life ahead of them. A family theatre experience. What better way to approach the scary subject of death than in a play, by playing. And still how it hurts. Suzanne van Lohuizen and the three actors in Neuss, accompanied by 'dead on' directing which lures the characters just to the brink of comical exaggeration, let us know just why. It hurts as much as remembering.

Peter Fischer

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