Augenblick mal! 2005

Sonntag, 01. Mai 2005 | GRIPS Theater

Puppentheater der Stadt Halle
Das Geheimnis des Alten Waldes
Ein Märchen
von Peter H. Gogolin
für die Bühne eingerichtet von Christoph Werner
frei nach dem Roman von Dino Buzzati
THEATERSTÜCKVERLAG B. Korn-Wimmer & F. Wimmer, München
ab 12 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Christoph Werner
Stage and Costume Design: Angela Baumgart-Wolf
Puppet Design: Atif Hussein
Dramaturgy: Ralf Meyer, Susanne Range
Music: Sebastian Herzfeld
Actor(s): Nils Dreschke (Diener), Lars Frank (Oberst Sebastian Proccolo), Margit Hallmann (Wachelster), Ines Heinrich ('Stimme', Benvenuto Proccolo), Steffi Lampe (Bernarda - Baumgeistin), Uwe Steinbach (Oberst Sebastian Proccolo, Matteo der Wind)
Musician(s): Sebastian Herzfeld
Vocals: Bobo


Colonel Sebastian Proccolo becomes a retired Colonel overnight. After a long military career, he takes his leave and becomes a civilian once again. He and his nephew, six year old Benvenuto, have inherited an old forest from late Uncle Morro, who he ha


To what extent is puppet theatre a form for teens? When you look at the repertoire of most youth theatres, this genre is rarely found. When you examine the programs of puppet theatre houses, youth are rarely the target group. Shows are produced for children, families, adults and young adults, but what about puppet and figure productions for the 12-18 age group? Is the association to puppets too childish for teens? Does the teenage interest in the real world allow for little abstraction? Or is it the puppeteers themselves who are uncomfortable playing for this age group, as it was suggested by an artist in a discussion on this topic? It remains a secret.

'Das Geheimnis des Alten Waldes' gives us an answer to all of these questions. Puppet theatre proves to be a successful form for this age group, often called 'difficult'. The transition from child to youth, from fantasy to reality, from parental control to an individual definition of the world, are important themes for Benvenuto, who sets himself in confrontation with his uncle, Colonel Sebastian Proccolo. They often lose themselves in stubborn protests and fall back into safe secret worlds in order to fight the strong external requirement for order. How does the external adult world react? After a major struggle, Colonel Proccolo begins to question his own life experience, letting the youth go his own way, and in doing so is able to see the secrets. In a perfect mix of acting and puppeteering, with a precise division of speaking roles and a fantasyrich set allowing plenty of room for secret worlds, Christoph Werner's production captures the attention of the 12-14 age group.

Stephan Rabl

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