Augenblick mal! 2005

Mittwoch, 27. April 2005 | carrousel Theater - Bühne

Theater Triebwerk, Hamburg | Theaterwerkstatt Hannover | Kampnagel Hamburg
Der Musterschüler
für die Bühne eingerichtet von Erik Schäffler
nach der gleichnamigen Novelle von Stephen King
Ahn & Simrock Bühnen- und Musikverlag GmbH, Hamburg
ab 14 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Martina van Boxen
Stage Design: Michael Habelitz
Costume Design: Andrea Meyer
Music: Uwe Schade, Heino Sellhorn
Actor(s): Michael Habelitz (Kurt Dussander), Uwe Schade (Mutter, Penner 1, Morris Heisel), Erik Schäffler (Todd Bowden), Heino Sellhorn (Vater, Penner 2)
Musician(s): Uwe Schade (Cello), Heino Sellhorn (Kontrabass)


Todd is a high school student. He has grown up as a protected single child in an orderly household. A normal, socially integrated youth with good grades – and a keen interest in fascism. The horrors of the concentration camps and the stories about thei


Todd, a normal teenager? No – his environment is indeed orderly, his upbringing sheltered and his curiosity avid. Essentially he would seem to be a normal teenager, but hidden inside he has a desire to go to the edge, to shake up taboos. When we begin the move out of childhood, when we start to question our parents' world, we feel for the first time that the phrases that we have always heard are full of mistakes. We can feel that something is missing, that there is more to it, but we don't hear the truth and we ask ourselves what truth is. And then comes the moment. An accidental sentence, an accidental experience, and we know: here lies our answer. Our curiosity carries us, and doesn't let us go. We take it in stride, to hurt and to get hurt in the process, but not to lose this chance again. To take the chance in order to hear the truth, if not than we are stuck hearing the same old stories and explanations that we cannot believe in.

Todd is obsessed from this moment, he shakes up taboos, he pushes boundaries, until he pushes far enough that he finds out the truth. He also experiences the power that it holds. The effect of this sudden revelation is the urge to dig deeper, into himself, and life's limits. He feels like an offender. 'Der Musterschüler' touches every teenager's present and makes it into his past. Confrontation with the adult world and their omissions becomes a tightrope act to one's own boundaries. It is not about the question: what should I have done?, rather the question: what should I do? – and this question gets asked again and again. In the same way as the novel, Theater Triebwerk and the Theaterwerkstatt Hannover successfully present the pull of this psychological balancing act, without judging it as wrong and right, and without trying to deliver a moral message.

Stephan Rabl

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