Augenblick mal! 2005

Donnerstag, 28. April 2005 | carrousel Theater - Probebühne

SCHNAWWL, Kinder- und Jugendtheater am Nationaltheater Mannheim
Die Reise einer Wolke
von Roberto Frabetti
aus dem Italienischen von Brigitte Korn-Wimmer
THEATERSTÜCKVERLAG Brigitte Korn-Wimmer & Franz Wimmer, München
ab 3 Jahren | 45 Minuten

Director: Annette Dorothea Weber
Stage and Costume Design: Sibylle Gädeke
Dramaturgy: Stefanie Jerg
Music: Benjamin Rinnert
Actor(s): Jan Single (Erzähler)


Italian playwright Roberto Frabetti has been writing plays for young audiences for over ten years. His talent for finding poetic means to communicate to small children, has led to this plays being produced all over the world. In order to bring more com


A child wants to move everything, touch everything. Don't inhibit this restlessness.
J.J. Rousseau: 'Emile or About Upbringing'

Travelling educates, they say. A foreign culture or landscape broadens the observer's horizons and introduces a new view of the world. Such a change in perspective is presented in a playful way in 'Die Reise einer Wolke', told from the vantage point of a cloud. This is interesting for small children, who usually experience the 'big people' world from the perspective of frogs. This story is different: "from way up high, little people are small and big people are small. Everything is much nicer from way up high..." sings the narrator at the end of the trip through familiar and exotic scenery: farmland, desert, ice, ocean and jungle. The play by Roberto Frabetti and the staging by Annette Weber, were created through close contact with their target audience. The creative concept was tested by audience reaction. Author, director and actor continuously search for connections with the viewers, not just during the production process, but in every performance. Jan Single as the narrator begins his story in the middle of the children and makes his way from there to the stage. From the beginning, he is in close contact to the audience, not only as a group, but also through his interaction with individual audience members. He creates an atmosphere of storytelling theatre before settling into his role.

This production is an example of theatre where interaction between actors and audience members is not limited to words, rather also on the sensory perception of the children-filled audience. The changeable set and the objects made by visual artist Sybille Gädeke offer a wide variety of stimuli. The materiality of the performance is pushed to the foreground again and again. For example, the cold of the ice landscape is created by getting the children to touch an ice cube or the smell of the jungle is created through smell tests that each child gets to experience.

Geesche Wartemann

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