Augenblick mal! 2005

Donnerstag, 28. April 2005 | carrousel Theater - Turnhalle

moks am Bremer Theater
Playback Life
von Klaus Schumacher und moks-Ensemble
Rechte beim Theater
ab 13 Jahren | 80 Minuten

Director: Klaus Schumacher
Stage and Costume Design: Katrin Plötzky
Dramaturgy: Rebecca Hohmann, Jürgen Salzmann
Actor(s): Maureen Havlena (Jenny), Konradin Kunze (Tom), Jelena Mitschke (Klara), Martin Wolf (Mark)
Video design: Jürgen Salzmann


A contemporary play about the important themes of love, fear, pain, and betrayal. An ensemble production about how we view the media, about crossing boundaries and longing for feelings, that are as big as they are portrayed in the movies. The four yout


What worlds do we live in? What worlds do youth live in and in which worlds do they wish they lived? Reality and wishes often get mixed together, even more when these worlds are steered and fabricated out of longing. To dive into the world of their idol, in the fictitious story and possibilities of a 48 hour inebriation without sleep and with overflowing emotions. Then of course to be able to have control over this walk on the tightrope. To be the script writer and director, decide who comes onto the screen, who plays the lead role, how the story enfolds and most of all: to push the limits. The boundaries of surrender, fear, desperation, pain and love. Everyone knows this wish, every youth has thought this film through. Often it happens on its own, and often it is consciously created. Everyone can suddenly become the subject of this film, and the dynamic, the pull of the game suddenly delivers.

Tom, Mark, Jenny and Klara, the protagonists in 'Playback Life' authentically embody the youth of today, with their mannerisms, surroundings, longings, wishes, and dislikes. In the same way, director Klaus Schumacher lies close to the pulse of youth culture. The characters, with their changing situations and moods, are represented authentically as they cross over boundaries. The audience member becomes the observer of many worlds and looks deep into the emotional worlds of youth, without feeling like a voyeur – that which happens between the youth on stage. The video design by Jürgen Salzmann presents the blending of reality, film world and fantasy convincingly, and is very close to the visual world of the young observer. A contemporary youth theatre piece, that is timeless and communicates no concrete answers to its young audiences, rather provides impulses that youth react to.

Stephan Rabl

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