Augenblick mal! 2005

Donnerstag, 28. April 2005 | arena Berlin

Schauspiel Staatstheater Stuttgart | junges theater basel | Kaserne Basel
von Simon Stephens
aus dem Englischen von Barbara Christ
Rowohlt Theater Verlag, Reinbek bei Hamburg
Deutschsprachige Erstaufführung
Ins Schweizerdeutsche übertragen vom Ensemble
Auf Schweizerdeutsch mit deutscher Übertitelung
ab 14 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Sebastian Nübling
Stage Design: Muriel Gerstner
Costume Design: Heidi Fischer
Dramaturgy: Carl Häser, Uwe Heinrich
Music: Lars Wittershagen
Actor(s): Silja Bächli (Michelle Russell, 32), Raphael Brunner (Darren Madden, 15), Nico Grüninger (Billy Russell, 14), Julian Kestler (Scott Cooper, 15), Sebastian Röhrle (Charlie Russell, 34), Mia Sanchez (Adele Kent, 13), Jonas Schmid (Aaron Riley, 15)


There are stories that are difficult from the onset. One of these is the story of 14 year old Billy. Billy goes fishing everyday at a canal in one of East London's poorest areas. His mother beat him and kicked him out of the house and his father is jo


The play's location is like the teenager's world: a world of hopelessness, loneliness and violence. Billy tries to survive. Through writing in his journal and fishing, he tries to find meaning in his life that hasn't had much hope since his childhood. What can a kid expect from a father that he has to take care of? What warmth can he feel when he doesn't have a mother in his world? What does he do when he is faced with the threat of revenge for something he is not responsible for, when payback is in the form of meaningless violence? What should he do when the intensity of the brutality gets worse and worse? Even Adele, who is the same age can only help to make him feel better for a short time. What remains is to either give up or to take the situation into his own hands.

Authenticity is the central focus of the action in 'Reiher' (Heron). Youth living with violence. The playwright, Simon Stephens, wanted the play to have an authentic cast. The five young actors are the same age as the characters in the play. Sebastian Nübling understands how to bring this authenticity to the stage. He lets the hopeless of the parents, played by professional actors mix with the playfulness and sensitivity of the youth, played by young actors from junges theater basel. Violence is presented, but even stronger is the violence that lies between what is shown and what isn't shown. It is the tension between the two that makes us shudder. A successful example of youth theatre that presents youth on stage. We don't ask ourselves who are actors and who aren't. The world that we are carried into is too strong and too clear for that. We feel the hopelessness of all the characters and are much more likely to ask ourselves how the future looks for a youth who has grown up with violence.

Stephan Rabl

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