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Mittwoch, 02. Mai 2007 | Theater an der Parkaue - Bühne 2

JES - Junges Ensemble Stuttgart
King A
Eine Ode an jedes Ritterherz
von Inèz Derksen, Daphne de Bruin, Bouke Oldenhof, Rogier Schippers, Robbie Cleiren, Paul Jonker und anderen Autoren – geschrieben im Auftrag von Het Laagland
aus dem Niederländischen von Eva Maria Pieper
TheaterStückVerlag Brigitte Korn-Wimmer & Franz Wimmer, München
ab 9 Jahren | 80 Minuten

Director: Inèz Derksen
Director: Grete Michel
Stage and Costume Design: Bas Zuyderland, Verdieping 3
Choreography: Wolfgang Abart, Christel Salaets
Dramaturgy: Christian Schönfelder
Music: Christian Dähn, Frans van Libergen
Actor(s): Anne Diemer (Guinevere, Schauspielerin), Matthias Hermann (Artus, Schauspieler 4), Gerd Ritter (Merlin, Schauspieler 3), Patrick Serena (Lanzelot, Schauspieler 1), Florian Stiehler (Kai, Schauspieler 2)


Playing knight is cool, but being a knight can be difficult. With flags and swords, the legend of King Arthur and his round table is told. At the same time a modern-day story takes place, tackling such universal themes and questions as becoming an adul


When Kings play

For hundreds of years, stories about King Arthur's heroic adventures have found audiences. The strength of the theatre and the infectiousness and seduction embodied in the live actions of the actors, brings this production to life. A group of young actors awakens the legend of Arthur and his round table in the very sense of the word. Right from the beginning five individuals stand at the opening of a cockpit in competition over their own visions of what it means to be a knight, also mixed with doubts and fears. They know that from now on they will be measured, and want to let themselves be measured. All of them are looking for their calling in life. What part do they have to play? How much is already externally determined? How much creative freedom is there?

They slip into the roles of the figures from the Arthur saga and create a playing space. In the presence of situations where a decision is required they test themselves, gather experience, and suffer defeat. Hurdles are there to be overcome or at least to be come to terms with. The heroic is often hidden in detail and far from the public eye. The art in it all (for the actor as well as for the characters) is to stay true to one's ideals and dreams no matter what resistance and setbacks one is faced with. The actor likes to occupy himself with questions, which go beyond those faced in one's own direct daily life. The public experience strangers in action, build relationships to them, get excited with them, suffer, pass tests, fall in love, are jealous, and are happy about their success. The production has a contagious power that is felt to the end when Arthur asks: "and when it doesn't work, was it all for nothing?" Merlin answers without hesitation: "Everything moves in circles. Man can always carry on."

Petra Fischer

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