Augenblick mal! 2007

Freitag, 04. Mai 2007 | Hebbel am Ufer - HAU 2

SCHAUBURG - Theater der Jugend am Elisabethplatz, München
Von Mäusen und Menschen
von John Steinbeck
Europa Verlag A.G., Zürich
ab 14 Jahren | 100 Minuten

Director: Beat Fäh
Musical Direction: Toni Matheis
Stage and Costume Design: Marion Hauer
Actor(s): Oliver Bürgin (George), Sebastian Hofmüller (Curley), Hussam Nimr (Lenni), Tim Kalhammer-Loew (Candy), Marie Ruback (Eva), Peter Wolter (Slim)


America, 1930. Two very different friends: George, smart and conscientious, and Lennie, moronic but strong as a bear, are looking for work. George's lifelong responsibility has been to take care of Lennie, who struggles to fit into society. Lennie's ha



The stage space immediately exudes warmth. The high walls that remind of a wooden farm door are simple and sensual. Everything reminds of the West. The wood, left in its natural form and perfectly carved, offers an ideal projection area for the concentrated, insistent action of the characters. Unpretentious costumes, minimal props and background music support the almost dreamlike, desirable atmosphere between present and past, near and far. The production is linear, concentrated on the story and characters. It avoids using directorial methods to pep up the story or to escape using a tempo game. It does however manage to stay rhythmic – more country blues than club mix. By giving the public space, it succeeds in forcing them to engage with the characters. It tells of tenderness in the roughest work milieu and under the most difficult survival conditions.

Terminator fantasy and strong-arm tactics are avoided and sympathy with the inner conflict of the main character provoked. Male friendships are playfully presented, not as clichés, rather much more as life elixir for mutual support. That the power-embodied characters are portrayed as sharply outlined is consistent and achieves the contrast needed to reach the young audience members at a deeper level. The female character's almost prostitute-like attire is timeless. Theatre here uses the power that it has had from the beginning to tell good stories – intensely, believably, and comprehensibly. This takes place consciously with spirit and concentration. It has to be said that the actor who plays the lead character is brilliant in the role.

Jürgen Zielinski

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