Augenblick mal! 2009

Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009 | Sophiensaele

Nationaltheater Mannheim - Junge Oper
Das Kind der Seehundfrau
von Robyn Schulkowsky und Sophie Kassies
aus dem Niederländischen von Eva Maria Pieper
nach einem Konzept von Flora Verbrugge
Theaterstückverlag Korn-Wimmer, München
Eine Kooperation der Jungen Oper mit dem SCHNAWWL Mannheim und dem Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
ab 8 Jahren | 60 Minuten

Director: Andrea Gronemeyer
Musical Direction: Robyn Schulkowsky
Stage Design: Christian Thurm
Costume Design: Eva Roos
Dramaturgy: Susanne Mautz
Actor(s): Anne-May Krüger (Mädchen, Seehundfrau), Uwe Topmann (Oruk, Vater)
Musician(s): Beate Anton (Harfe), Christian Martin Kirsch (Trompete), Ellen Mayer (Schlagwerk)


Oruk and his father live by themselves in the frozen north. A little girl, who is fascinated by Oruk's eyes, asks him why he is so secretive. This leads to the telling of the family's story; the way that Oruk's parents met was very strange. They were v


The use of music in children's theatre is nothing new. In recent times, even the opera houses have been opening their doors to a young public and looking for new ways to inspire children and adolescents by interesting them in the opera houses' specific music-theatrical narrative methods. One successful example of this started in 2006 at the National Theater Mannheim's 'Young Opera' (Junge Oper). It is primarily commissioned works which are created here, and in which contemporary music meets the style of acting and stories found in modern children's and youth theatre. The specific experiences and qualities of opera and of children's and youth theatre (in Mannheim: Schnawwl) are linked up with each other in the most productive way, and so new perspectives are opened up to both groups.

This production of 'The Seal Woman's Child', directed by Andrea Gronemeyer, develops a very contemporary interpretation of this ancient Inuit fairy tale, with the assistance of a modern compositional approach by Robyn Schulkowsky. Together with the powerful text, sensual sounds create an exciting range of associations, generate atmosphere, dramatic force, and, again and again, irritation, too. Thanks to a singer's voice, the mystical figure of the seal woman is given a language of her own, one which is disconcerting, and yet also touching. The abstract stage set unfolds powerful, suggestive power to create the barren, icy landscape and provides space for the narration. Actors, singer and the musicians with their instruments enjoy equal status in this landscape, giving expression to their longings, joy, pain. They look for, and they find, the tone for this wonderful tale about happiness which often only lasts for a short while, but which one can encounter again and again.

Kerstin Behrens

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