Augenblick mal! 2009

Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009 | Schaubude Berlin

florschütz & döhnert, Berlin
Rawums (:)
Ein Ausflug ins Wunderland der Schwerkraft
von Melanie Florschütz und Michael Döhnert
Rechte beim Theater
Eine Koproduktion des Theater o.N., Berlin, mit florschütz & döhnert und der Schaubude Berlin
ab 2 Jahren | 30 Minuten

Director: Werner Hennrich
Dramaturgy: Melanie Florschütz
Actor(s): Michael Döhnert (Micha), Melanie Florschütz (Melli)
Scene and sound design: Michael Döhnert, Melanie Florschütz


Falling down is easy. Flying is difficult. An egg wants to fly, yet its fragility means that it must not fall. While the egg is dreaming of flying, a man and a woman act out, in a delightful and clown-like manner, all the different ways that exist of f


The man fishes, no, not a fish, but a feather out of a pond (?), and the feather's little heart is beating – the feather is alive. An egg is pulled out of the hat, the hat stands up the way it wants to – no, the way the man wants it to, although the woman is wearing it on her head, and then the earth becomes the sky... Nothing is what I think it is – and everything turns the way I don't expect it to do. A man and woman discover the world of gravity. They dream of flying. While he is trying, unsuccessfully: "A chair can't fly. A house can't fly. A man can't fly", a little while later she simply makes it happen. At first the woman says "Flying isn't easy at all." At the end, the house, the chair, the man, the woman and the canary go on a sightseeing flight around the whole world... Even the little members of the audience are aware of the laws of nature and how they basically function: if a feather 'flies' down to the ground, nothing happens to the feather. If an egg – especially an uncooked one – falls to the ground, then you need to be careful.

'Rawums (:)', for two-year-olds and up, plays with what we know, and keeps surprising us with things that we didn't expect. A man drops a feather, and then a sandbag – and sings in each case. And I realise: gravity is inseparably linked to time. The laws of gravity can be experienced by the use of just a few props, and, by using gas-filled balloons and objects made of paper, so can levitation. 'Rawums (:)' is an association, a series of scenes, in which causal connections are developed and worked out in a logical way. A poetic form of theatre, with amazing clarity and compactness, not a word, not a gesture too many, a story which has created its own, unusual dramaturgy. Thesis and antithesis are not irreconcilable – they complement each other to create poetry and belief, no, to create proof of things that are impossible. Yes, a house, a chair, a man can fly.

Andrea Kramer

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