Augenblick mal! 2011

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011 | SCHAUBUDE

Puppentheater Halle - Theater, Oper und Orchester GmbH Halle
Aller Anfang - Schöpfungsgeschichten
von Ines Heinrich-Frank, Lars Frank, Uwe Steinbach
Rechte bei den Autoren
ab 6 Jahren | 50 Minuten

Director: Ines Heinrich-Frank
Stage and Costume Design: Robert Voss
Dramaturgy: Karl H. Gündel
Music: Sebastian Herzfeld
Actor(s): Lars Frank (L.), Uwe Steinbach (U.)


"If we imagine the Beginning, we really have to leave out everything, even ourselves. Only God remains. But God isn't very much. Much less than you think." Starting from nothing two men in top hats begin to talk about the creation of the world. Not exa


At the start of the show we see Herr Müller completely clothed in white standing alone on the stage and waiting for his colleague. He decides to kill time with his tuba and other props. Finally his co-actor appears dressed in black and the show begins immediately. The audience is welcomed "to the Creation" and Herr Müller is invited to imagine Nothing, so that the play can begin. But things are not as easy as the man in black expects and their joint attempts to create the world do not work. The methods of both protagonists are entirely different. The one demands imagination and improvisation: the other prefers to rely on carefully prepared props. On the fifth day – the day on which the sun and moon, earth and water, the creatures of water and air are created – the dispute escalates, and now the man in black stands alone in the spotlight. And that's the beginning of the end.

'Creation stories' is the title of the ensemble production given by the puppet theatre company from Halle, and this combination of puppets and shadow theatre, acting and music is subject to as many different interpretations as the title. The fact that the content and the formal balancing act is so successful can be primarily attributed to the actors Lars Frank and Uwe Steinbach, who are able to clearly differentiate their characters and make them believable. In the role of big children who want to impose their wills on one another, but constantly come up against their limitations and find surprising ways to solve them, the two actors invent their own Creation and thereby extend the old Testament version with a few of their own ideas. 'Every Beginning' is a playful, intelligent, stimulating and highly entertaining reflection on theatre: on telling stories, on theatre forms and means, on things that have been prepared in advance and those which are invented on the spur of the moment, and not least on the freedom to decide the outcome of a story for yourself.

Jürgen Becker, Curator

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