Augenblick mal! 2011

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011 | Theater an der Parkaue - Bühne 2

Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg
Das Buch von allen Dingen
von Guus Kuijer, bearbeitet von Thorsten Wilrodt
in einer Fassung von Barbara Bürk
Verlag für Kindertheater Uwe Weitendorf GmbH, Hamburg
ab 10 Jahren | 90 Minuten

Director: Barbara Bürk
Stage and Costume Design: Anke Grot
Dramaturgy: Steffen Sünkel
Music: Clemens Sienknecht
Actor(s): Hermann Book (Vater), Konradin Kunze (Thomas), Marina Lubrich (Frau van Amersfoort, Elisa, Tante Pie), Christine Ochsenhofer (Mutter), Volker Griepenstro/Clemens Sienknecht (Jesus), Laura de Weck (Margot)
Musician(s): Volker Griepenstro/Clemens Sienknecht


Thomas is nine years old and lives with his father, mother and sister in Amsterdam. His life is anything but good. His father beats him and mistreats his mother. What's more he says that he's allowed to do this because he believes in God. But there are


In the American constitution the Pursuit of Happiness is declared to be an inalienable right. 'The Book of All Things' is about the difficulty of applying this in our everyday private lives. In his prize-winning novel Guus Kuijer tells the story of a family ruled by fear. The nine-year-old Thomas flees into the realm of fantasy from the blows inflicted by his pious father. He sees tropical fish swimming in water pipes, meets Elisa with her creaking leather crutch and the Lord Jesus who is anything but the punitive God invoked by his father to justify his beatings. Thomas can tell his dreams and the family's taboos to this Jesus and confide them to his diary. But he is unable to tell them to the outside world because of his shame.

In the version performed by the 'Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg' the set designer Anke Grot places the story strikingly between a child's room, a kitchen and a church. Thomas's inner conflicts and the long process of change which leads him to be able to finally give voice to the unspeakable is portrayed by the director Barbara Bürk with great empathy for the protagonist. She directs the dramatic story from the point of view of the child who makes no value judgements but instead has a clear view of things. Thus many aspects of life become highly comic because the boy's unrelenting view highlights the absurdity of narrow-minded behaviour. The excellent Hamburg company revel in the play and succeed remarkably translating the poetry of the original onto the stage and imbuing their version with a sense of humour. This production moves the heart, arouses our anger, shakes us up and gives us the courage to live. And we leave the theatre with the feeling that happiness is indeed possible.

Matthias Grön, Curator

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