Augenblick mal! 2011

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011 | Theater an der Parkaue - Bühne 3

Theater Pfütze, Nürnberg
Das Kind der Seehundfrau
von Sophie Kassies, bearbeitet von Christopher Gottwald
Theaterstückverlag Brigitte Korn-Wimmer & Franz Wimmer (GbR), München
in Kooperation mit dem Staatstheater Nürnberg
ab 9 Jahren | 65 Minuten

Director: Christopher Gottwald
Stage Design: Andreas Wagner
Costume Design: Beatrix Cameron
Dramaturgy: Christof Lappler
Music: Martin Zels
Actor(s): Jürgen Decke, Christine Janner, Regine Oßwald, Andreas Wagner, Martin Zels; (alle auch Musiker)


A lonely Inuit lives in a bay in the far north. On one of his fishing expeditions he observes female seals discarding their skins and dancing on the cliffs in the shape of human beings. He removes the skin of the most beautiful girl and asks her to mar


Because the whole world can be reflected in a puddle, over 25 years ago a few theatre crazy students from Nuremberg named their theatre after a pool of water which children love more than anything else. The world is also reflected in individual stories and the actors from Theater Pfütze (Puddle Theatre) want to tell such stories; of challenges and opportunities, of beauty and the joy of living; of courageous heroes and those who also have fears. With all the means available to theatre the members of 'Pfütze' encourage the audience to use their own imagination and act along with them. In this way the audience plays a decisive role in every performance.

This approach is admirably exemplified in Christopher Gottwald's production of 'The Child of the Seal'. For the stage consists of nothing more than a bare, cold two and a half meter high steel framework in the shape of a dice: an airy cube which only later reveals its transformational capabilities. The geometric stringency of the set is accompanied by five actors whose words, voices, sounds and human encounters are shaped and guided by the director. Polyphonic songs create their own atmosphere.

Cymbals, a gong and a marimba not only form part of the set but are also accessories in witty and dramatic scenes. Drum sticks transform themselves instantly into hunting knives, the movable folding steel construction on which the instruments are hung, is opened up to become a cliff. And the gently swaying vibraphone can also become a cradle... And above all the music: this has long been an intimate part of 'Pfütze' productions, but this time it plays a specially decisive role. Martin Zels has composed new music for Sophie Kassies' songs and found inspiration in the archaic powers of wood, animal skins and metal. Whereas the costumes in various shades of blue reflect the colours of the landscape and the sea.

Tristan Berger, Curator

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