Augenblick mal! 2013

Freitag, 26. April 2013 | Theater an der Parkaue - Bühne 3

FUNDUS Theater / Forschungstheater, Hamburg
Ein Lehrstück über Flüssigkeiten
Rechte beim Theater
ab 2 bis 10 Jahren | 50 Minuten

Director: Sibylle Peters
Music: Tanja Gwiasda
Actor(s): Matthias Anton, Hannah Kowalski
Play devised by: Matthias Anton, Sibylle Peters, Zoe Laughlin
Technican: Frank Helmrich


40 watering cans and 10 kilos of dry ice stand ready. The audience sits around a pond which steams, bubbles and spits. And it smells of strawberry ice cream! The production is an attempt to explore the secrets of different types of fluids with younger


Children discover the world by 'grasping' it with all their senses and testing themselves against all its many potentials. Travelling on a journey of discovery with children means questioning the world more deeply, and this is exactly what Fundus Theater does in its productions by bringing together childhood, art and science. First of all school classes and groups are brought together to talk about a specific theme. Ideas and suggestions are taken and statements are written down. These are then used as sources to turn them into a stage show. 'LIQUIDs' is about nothing more, nor less than the title suggests. The audience sits around a pond with watering cans and the actor Matthias Anton and the English scientist Zoe Laughlin (in later performances she has been replaced by the performer Hannah Kowalski) invite them to test a number of different rules which 'liquids have to adhere to'. Zoe speaks English and Matthias translates, only commentating at places where this is necessary. What exactly constitutes a liquid? What have liquids got to do with the creation of the Earth, and can a rubber ball turn into a liquid? We understand why it is called a 'show' because it is more about showing processes than products and the play does not come to an end after each individual performance. The theatre is turned into a place in which everyone – scientists, artists and spectators – is turned into a researcher with every new encounter, and where everyone is allowed to use his or her knowledge to make experiments. The performers expressly request the audience to ask questions, make comments, touch objects, test things out for themselves and give expression to their amazement. Accompanied by ethereal music we all set off together on a surprising, sensuous, exciting, fact-based and sometimes simply impossible journey of discovery. Scientific rules are tried and tested and proved, but not explained in all their details. In this way the spectators are stimulated to ask more questions and test things out for themselves at home, in the school or kindergarten in order to find the answers themselves.

Alexandra Luise Gesch, Curator

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