Augenblick mal! 2013

Freitag, 26. April 2013 | GRIPS Hansaplatz

Theater Strahl, Berlin
von Marianna Salzmann
in einer Fassung von Marianna Salzmann
Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt am Main
in Kooperation bat Studiotheaters mit der Universität der Künste Berlin
ab 15 Jahren | 65 Minuten

Director: Nick Hartnagel
Stage and Costume Design: Veronika Witlandt
Stage Design: Veronika Witlandt
Costume Design: Veronika Witlandt
Choreography: Alfred Hartung
Actor(s): Bardo Böhlefeld (Aron), Božidar Kocevski (Sedat), Claudia Lietz (Mutter), Bernd Ocker Hölters (Zuschauer), Christine Smuda (Nurit)


'Weißbrotmusik' is the term used by Aron and Sedat to describe German bureaucracy, something which really gets on their nerves. Although they have grown up in Germany they do not feel at home here. They are always open to a new joint and ready for mino


"They’ve locked Sedat away. They’ve locked my husband away. They’ve taken the father of my child, my unborn child away. Away.

They tell me he’ll never get out. They tell me when he gets out he’ll be gone forever. To Turkey. He can’t. He mustn’t. Stay here. He can’t any more because they don’t want people like him here."

Young people’s lives are difficult enough but they’re not made any easier when they are confronted with racism or an unwanted pregnancy. At the end of the play the young Nurit is alone with no idea what to do with her unborn child and her rage. Before this we experience a story about friendship, love, disappointment and helplessness.

Marianna Salzmann succeeds in giving Nurit, Sedat and Aron a language which reflects their environment and their everyday lives with all their ups and downs without it feeling artificial or alien. The characters who suddenly turn into brutal thugs at the end of the show are likeable and 'cool' at the start, and the young audience have no difficulty in identifying with them. The actors have a breathtaking presence, an authenticity made possible by the language and also by their extreme precision and humour. What makes this show so good is that it also dares to insert moments of irritating reality which create an almost unbearable tension in the audience – a tension which only disappears right at the end. 'White Bread Music' is political theatre for young people without any moralising message and without playing down to them.

It is our good fortune that Theater Strahl has taken this student diploma production into its repertoire.

Andrea Zagorski, Curator

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