Augenblick mal! 2015

Dienstag, 21. April 2015 | Theater an der Parkaue - Bühne 2

Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig
2 Uhr 14
von David Paquet
aus dem Frankokanadischen übersetzt von Frank Weigand
Alle Rechte der deutschen Übersetzung bei Frank Weigand
Deutsche Erstaufführung
ab 14 Jahren | 80 Minuten

Director: Ronny Jakubaschk
Stage and Costume Design: Vera Koch
Stage Design: Vera Koch
Costume Design: Vera Koch
Dramaturgy: Lars Krüger
Music: Bastian Bandt
Actor(s): Elisabeth Fues (Pascale), Katja Göhler (Jade), Martin Klemm (Charles), Kevin Körber (Berthier), Sven Reese (Denis), Matthias Walter (Francois), Anna-Lena Zühlke (Katrina)
Technican: Steffen Wieser
Construction foreman: Sven Theile
Lighting: René Hei
Theatre pedagogy: Sarah Eger


A boy falls in love with a 77-year-old woman who likes vodka. A girl eats worms in order to finally lose weight. Another boy plays at being blind in order to attract the attention of other people and be touched. A teacher has a sandy taste in his mouth


It is possible to take the set designed for Ronny Jakubaschk’s production literally. These people and their society are on the way down. The actors emerge from narrow metal lockers to tumble downwards along a stage like a half-pipe racing track, and once they are at the bottom they are surrounded on three sides by strangers (the audience).

There is nothing more to be saved anyway, the killing spree has already happened. No one talks about the catastrophic deed but only about the life that the victims had at this point.

The production fits in perfectly with the dense, highly symbolic, furiously formulated and brief interwoven scenes written by the playwright David Paquet and their grim humour. Thus its view of the characters tends to be curious and critical. Both the director and his brilliant ensemble revel in getting the most out of the pitiless jokes in the biting text. The production is utterly free of compassion when it talks intimately to the audience about the terrible events and how they happened. On the other hand it also asks penetrating questions. What sort of life did these people live? Why were they so uninterested in one another, why did they talk so little with one another, trust each other so little, help each other so little? Was there no hope at all? They all made every attempt to find a solution to their problems. Only in one case the solution was to resort to arms. It’s lucky for us all that we live in a completely different manner. Don’t we.

Dirk Fröse, Curator

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