Augenblick mal! 2015

Mittwoch, 22. April 2015 | Theater an der Parkaue - Bühne 1

Performing Group, Düsseldorf
Rechte beim Ensemble
in Koproduktion mit tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf
ab 11 Jahren | 50 Minuten

Director: Leandro Kees
Music: Bon Iver, Jamie Woon, Ja Panik, Edd Kalehoff, Tom Jobim, Martin Rascher
Actor(s): Leandro Kees, Daniel Mathéus
Play devised by: Leandro Kees, Daniel Mathéus, Martin Rascher
Dramaturgy assistance: Julia Mota Carvalho
Music & video: Martin Rascher
Drawings: Leandro Kees


What do we modern people look like? We sit at a computer and are glued to a mobile phone. We eat fast food and in the course of our lives we throw away an unconscionable amount of cardboard cups. We know all about the consequences of consumption and th


Who’s going to save the world now?

When was the last time you saved the world? This morning under the shower, yesterday in the supermarket, or do you prefer to simply save it by donating money? That’s also possible. When all’s said and done there are emergency situations in all four corners of the world. Whatever the case it’s difficult to risk stepping out into the day without being confronted with hundreds of global issues all at the same time. In this situation you can easily lose your overview.

The protest performance TRASHedy by the Performing Group ensemble is full of quick cuts, it includes overviews, questions and changes. In the course of an hour it juggles with a gigantic palette of consumer critique, globalisation disasters and environmental destruction that leaves us regularly gasping for breath.

It is a cleverly built piece of performance theatre that displays its barbs unreservedly and with seeming effortlessness. It tells us a lot about the current state of human evolution and consistently holds up a mirror to the audience and itself. Who is responsible for all this? Whose opinion is the right one? What should we stand up against and what should we fight for? Or, when all’s said and done, is there no way out of the chaos in our world? TRASHedy casts a clear view on the connections within our consumer world and an even deeper insight into our psyche. The rapid physical play takes place directly in front of the wind machine of bad news, and the performers’ reactions range from hopelessness to excessive demands. Along with the audience they search for ways to lead a self-determined life in a world which is increasingly dictated by outside influences. This is a politically motivated and deeply humane piece of theatre.

Bernd Mand, Curator

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